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Is Wallpaper Making A Comeback?

August 25, 2015 at 9:49 am | No comment | Category: Wallpaper

WallpaperWallpaper enjoyed many decades of popularity before being eclipsed by paint as the wall covering favorite.  Wallpaper popularity peaked in the ‘70s, and continued into the ‘90s, before falling out of fashion.  It was then relegated to powder rooms, synonymous with outdated homes, and all but forgotten, perchance on purpose.  Now, wallpaper is slowly making a comeback, but with a fresh approach.

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2014 Trends in Wallpaper

2014 Trends in WallpaperDesign trends change every year and sometimes it’s difficult to judge what the new styles will be. However for 2014, designs for wallpaper aren’t the only thing that’s changing. There will also be a shift in what to wallpaper, as some individuals seem to be adding flair to not only their light fixtures and sliding doors but their furniture as well! So, if you want to know what the most in demand patterns, colors, and styles will be for this year, check out the rest of this article to avoid using last year’s dated trends. Your friends and family will be impressed with the cool new look and you’ll be happier in a home that feels refreshed.

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