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drywall repair Jacksonville FL

Drywall Repair Jacksonville, Sheetrock Repair Jacksonville

From The Painting Craftsmen

At The Painting Craftsmen we understand that when you need sheetrock or drywall repair services you are probably not interested in taking chances with run-of-the mill contractors. You need someone who can come into your home, work efficiently, and complete the repair in a timely and tidy manner, all while taking the time to make sure your home doesn’t turn into just another job site.

We use a dust-free joint compound. While it may take a little longer to dry than a quick-set spackle, it allows us to hand sand the repair, nearly eliminating any airborne dust particles. So while this process may take a little longer, The Painting Craftsmen knows you don’t want your home to be treated like a construction site. The cleanliness of your home always takes precedence with us.

Our painting craftsmen take the time to ensure your drywall repair is thoroughly completed.

  • We make sure all all sheetrock / drywall is attached securely to the studs in the wall.

  • We tape all seams to prevent future cracking on the seam.

  • We apply three coats of spackling with a wide spackling knife, sanding between coats, and smooth it to an even, feathered edge.

  • We sand the final coat and wipe down the repair with a damp cloth to prepare the repair for primer.

Unlike drywallers that show up and leave once their part of the job is finished, our painting craftsmen not only know how to accomplish the goal of making the new drywall seams imperceptible, but also have the tools and the skill required to match the paint job around the repair.  This attention to detail means there won’t be noticeable smoothing around the patch area that doesn’t match the rest of the paint job.

We 100% guarantee the craftsmanship of our drywall repair service in Jacksonville for one year (excluding normal wear and forceful damage).

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