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Pressure Washing in Jacksonville, FL

From The Painting Craftsmen

When it comes to exterior painting services, good preparation is one of the most important features of a good paint job.  While there is much more to good paint prep then pressure washing, a clean surface is nonetheless necessary for good paint adhesion, and pressure washing is the best cleaning technique for cleaning many exterior surfaces.

Our sister company, First Coast Home Pros, is a full service professional cleaning company serving Jacksonville, Florida.  No other painting company in Jacksonville is better equipped to properly pressure wash and clean your exterior surfaces for paint prep then us because we have teams of pressure washing specialists on staff, specifically trained to do this work.  Since The Painting Craftsmen and First Coast Home Pros are owned and operated under the same roof, you can enjoy top notch professional service from specialists in each of these areas without having to deal with multiple companies.

First Coast Home Pros’ pressure washing services are not limited to pressure washing just for paint prep.

Our pressure washing service is an excellent solution for:

  • house exteriors (all types including coquina)
  • driveways, walkways, & patios
  • pool decks & screened enclosures
  • wood fences & decks
  • concrete, brick, pavers, & most stone

We have the experience, knowledge, and the professional tools to tackle even the toughest pressure washing or power wash jobs with astonishing success.  You can trust that we will take the time to clean your home safely and effectively without risking any damage to your property, either by high pressure or harsh chemicals.

As icing on the cake, First Coast Home Pros can also clean your exterior windows at the completion of your exterior paint job, or your interior windows at the completion of your interior paint job.  We have window cleaning specialists on staff who would love to make your windows shine.  Obviously, there is a big difference between the attention to detail a painter would put into cleaning windows compared with our window cleaning specialists.  What other painting company has professional window cleaners on staff to put that kind of finishing touch on a painting project?

Great prep, and great clean up…

Even more reasons to choose The Painting Craftsmen for your next painting project.  We are highly trained professionals at everything we do, and pressure washing and window cleaning are no different.

We 100% guarantee the craftsmanship of our pressure washing and window cleaning services in Jacksonville for one week (excluding normal accumulation of dirt and debris).

For more information about pressure washing in Jacksonville or to schedule a free estimate, please call 904-507-5700 or email

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