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Wallpaper Removal in Jacksonville, FL

From The Painting Craftsmen

As a part of your interior painting project, The Painting Craftsmen is happy to evaluate the best course of action needed for any wallpaper removal.

Each wallpaper removal project is entirely different.  The process can even vary from one room to another in the same house, depending on a wide variety of factors.

The factors are:

  • Type of wallpaper

  • Type of adhesive

  • Condition of the wall behind the paper

  • Techniques used by the original installer

At The Painting Craftsmen we use multiple wallpaper removal processes including steaming, hand-stripping, and the light application of a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly wallpaper removal agent to ensure all paper backing and leftover glue are removed from the surface so that the drywall is ready for primer and the finished coat of paint.

There are many variables that influence the amount of time and materials it takes to remove wallpaper and therefore we offer this service at an hourly rate. We will gladly give you the most accurate estimate possible, but we ask that you understand that it is only an estimate and can vary.

In some cases, due to poor preparation and application of the wallpaper, serious drywall damage could occur with removal and it may be best to leave old wallpaper right where it is – on the wall.  If wallpaper removal is either cost-prohibitive or for other reasons not practical, we have the ability to fill seams and prime the paper so that it can be painted over.  If done properly, coating over old wallpaper can potentially save you money and still provide you with the look of a freshly painted space.

So if you’re tired of looking at that old wallpaper installed years ago and are ready for a change, please give us a call today.

We 100% guarantee the craftsmanship of our wallpaper removal service in Jacksonville for one year (excluding normal wear and forceful damage).

For more information about wallpaper removal in Jacksonville or to schedule a free estimate, please call 904-507-5700 or email


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