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Rotten Wood Repair in Jacksonville, FL

From The Painting Craftsmen

We all know wood rot can be a common problem on your home’s exterior surfaces. With the frequent summer showers and high humidity levels, it is almost inevitable that at some point the wood on your home will need attention due to wood rot. You can count on us to delicately remove any rotting wood on your home and replace it with the right product and the with the craftsmanship you expect for your home.

Our sister company, First Coast Home Pros, is a full service professional handyman company serving Jacksonville, Florida.  No other painting company in Jacksonville is better equipped to handle any rotten wood repair needed for your paint prep than us because we have teams of handyman specialists on staff, specifically trained to do this work.  Since The Painting Craftsmen and First Coast Home Pros are owned and operated under the same roof, you can enjoy top notch professional service from specialists in each of these areas without having to deal with multiple companies.

First Coast Home Pros’ handyman services are not limited to wood repair just for paint prep.

We can repair and replace many wood surfaces on and in your home including:

  • Fascia and soffits

  • Clapboard siding

  • Cedar shake

  • Decking

  • Trim and Moldings

  • Spindles, Handrails and more.

Did you know that wood is most vulnerable at the point where it is cut across the grain?

We make sure we seal and prime all cut edges of our wood repair when necessary to prevent water from “wicking” into the board, resulting in saturation and eventual rot. By doing this we ensure the longevity of your home’s exterior wood surfaces.

The Painting Craftsmen’s Epoxy Wood Repair System.

A common area that is susceptible to wood rot is the wood trim near the bottom of exterior window and door frames. The good news is that depending on the level of rot, the whole trim may not need to be replaced. For smaller areas of wood rot, we have the experience, the tools, and the ability to remove areas of rotting wood and repair those areas with a durable two-part epoxy system that can be sanded and sculpted to match the area around the repair and extend the life of your exterior wood trim.

Help Prevent Rotting Wood…

If your home has wood siding or trim near the gutters you need to make sure they stay clear as clogged gutters and downspouts can cause water to pool onto and penetrate wood surfaces on your home. If you think you may need a check of your gutters, please don’t hesitate to contact our sister company, First Coast Home Pros.  Our gutter cleaning technicians  have the experience and the ability to safely and effectively clean your gutters and prevent water build up issues.  We also install Leaf Relief Gutter Protection systems, which are guaranteed to never clog and never overflow.
We 100% guarantee the craftsmanship of our wood repair service in Jacksonville for 1 year (excluding normal wear and forceful damage).

For more information about wood repair in Jacksonville or to schedule a free estimate, please call 904-507-5700 or email

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