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5 Timeless Color Combinations

June 19, 2021 at 10:35 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Painting Colors

Fads and trends come and go, and many homeowners prefer to paint their homes in colors that will stand the test of time.  Here are 5 classic color combinations that won’t soon go out of style!

  • White on White – White siding with white trim is a timeless combination. It’s clean and sleek, it works on any style of home, and it works in any environment and neighborhood.
  • Gray and White – Gray siding and white trim is a favorite color combination that creates a look that is both modern and timeless. Settle on your favorite shade of gray, pair it with crisp white trim, and have some fun choosing a bold, bright color for your front door or other accent.
  • Once Color, Two Tones – Use varying shades of one color for a timeless and sophisticated exterior paint job. For example, consider light gray with dark gray trim and accents, or tan with khaki, or sage green with forest green.
  • Warm Yellow with Cream – Here in Northeast Florida, we love warmth and beach colors, but sunny yellow isn’t just for Jacksonville. Warm, light tones of yellow coupled with cream trim is a cheery and inviting color combination that creates a timeless look in any region.
  • Black on White – A white home with black shutters, windows, or accents is classic and will always be in style.

These classic color combinations will work on your home whether you live on the beach in Ponte Vedra, or a historic home in Riverside, or an atomic ranch in San Marco.  Choosing the best exterior paint for your home is a big decision, but don’t let it overwhelm you.  Call on a great professional painting contractor in your area and lean on their expertise!  The Painting Craftsmen is the best professional painting company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their homes, and we’re here to help with your project too!  For high quality work and attention to detail, combined with outstanding customer service, call on us!

How to Paint Your Ceiling

May 1, 2021 at 10:13 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Interior Painting Services

Ceilings are supposed to blend into the background and they can be all but forgotten until a water stain appears, or an area becomes discolored, or you have to make a repair.  When that time comes, how do you paint your ceiling the right way?  Our tips can help you plan your ceiling painting DIY project!

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need dropcloths, painter’s plastic, painter’s tape, rollers and roller covers, an extension pole, roller tray, and brushes.  You’ll also need a step ladder.  Of course you’ll also need to have your paint and primer on hand.  We recommend high quality interior latex primer and paint.  The paint should be flat or matte finish, and though white or very light neutral colors are generally recommended, there is still room to get creative in your color choice.
  2. Cover and protect. Before you open the first can of primer, take the time to cover and protect the room. Move out any furniture you can and cover remaining furniture with painter’s plastic.  The more you clear out the room, the easier it will be for you to move around inside the room and set up your ladder and work unencumbered, and the less you’ll have to cleanup later.  Arrange canvas dropcloths over the floor and push the edge of the dropcloth all the way up to the wall trim.  Remove as much from the ceiling itself as possible.  For example, remove light coverings so that just the bulb is exposed, and remove vent covers.  You can cover fan blades to make cleanup easier after the project is finished.
  3. Set up. Set up your ladder and be sure that between your ladder and the extension pole, you can safely reach all areas of the ceiling.  If there are areas you can’t reach, you’ll need to borrow or invest in a taller ladder, or hire a great local painting company to do the work – they’ll have all tools, ladders, and materials to do the job right!
  4. Tape walls and features. (Note: If you’ll be painting the rest of the room, you can skip this step, since you’ll paint the walls when you’re done painting the ceiling.)  Use long strips of painter’s tape to mask off the wall where it meets the ceiling.  Press the tape firmly into place so that no ceiling paint seeps underneath the paint and onto the walls.  If you have exposed beams or other features on your ceiling, you’ll need to tape off these areas as well.
  5. Apply primer. Don’t rush or skimp on the primer step!  The right high-quality primer will fill in dents and gaps, form a barrier against stains, and create a smooth surface for the paint to go over.  One coat of primer may be adequate, but let it fully dry and then assess the coverage; a second coat may very well be needed.
  6. Apply the topcoat(s). If you chose a good primer and applied it well, you will likely only need to apply a single topcoat of ceiling paint.  Just like you did during the primer step, though, let the first coat fully dry and then assess it for coverage.
  7. Put everything back. When you’re happy with your painted ceiling, put the room back in order.  Remove the tape, reinstall light fixtures or vent covers, roll up and either discard or launder dropcloths, and arrange your furniture back as you like it.  Then, sit back, look up, and admire your work!

Like any painting project, ceiling painting can be a breeze, or it can become a hassle, depending on how much time you have, how much patience you have, and what type of planning goes into your DIY project.  Skip the hassle altogether by calling on the best professional painting company in your area and letting the pros take care of the entire project!

There are many great painting contractors in town, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their Mandarin, Atlantic Beach, San Marco, and Nocatee homes.  We love what we do, and we take great pride in transforming your home into a place you truly love.  When the time comes to paint your ceiling, or take care of other interior painting, exterior painting, or cabinet refinishing, trust the job to us!

Plan Your Cabinet Refinishing Job

April 11, 2021 at 12:06 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Cabinet Refinishing

If you are like most of our clients, your kitchen is the vibrant center of your home and the room your family naturally congregates in, so shouldn’t it be a warm, inviting space that you love?  If your cabinets are looking dull or dated, it’s time to plan an expert cabinet refinishing job with the best local cabinet refinisher!  Here are some tips as you begin planning to redo your kitchen cabinets:

  1. What high quality cabinet finish do you want? Good cabinet refinishers offer boundless options, so consider whether you want solid color lacquer, tinted lacquer, accent glaze, antique or distressed glaze, or something else you’re dreaming up.
  2. Get specific! Do you have a color – or color combination – in mind, or are you overwhelmed by your options?  Great cabinet refinishing services offer expertise in choosing the right colors for you painting project!  At The Painting Craftsmen, our expert project managers understand paint and stain, color and palettes, and style and design elements, and would love to help you design a look you truly love for your kitchen cabinetry.
  3. Know what to expect. High quality cabinet refinishing jobs don’t happen overnight, but with the right planning and prep, they’ll be done efficiently and you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen in no time.  Generally, your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed and taken to be custom painted and/or sprayed in a custom built spray booth with the best equipment in the field.  Another part of the refinishing project takes place inside your home, during which your cabinet boxes and other elements are painted and hand detailed according to the design you’ve selected.

There are many great painting companies in the area, but The Painting Craftsman is the best cabinet refinishing company Jacksonville FL homeowners call on to create the kitchens of their dreams.  Our skilled technicians have been extensively trained and have experience applying all types of topcoats in order to create results our customers love.  Your Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, Mandarin, or San Marco kitchen will look amazing when we’re done!  Give us a call and let’s start planning your custom cabinet refinishing project!

Pro Tips for Painting Trim

Painting trim is detailed work and takes skill and precision to master.  Pro tips from an award-winning local painting company (us!) will help you achieve great results when painting the trim in your home!

  1. Supplies – First, there are a few supplies you need on hand for any great paint job, including trim painting: sandpaper or sanding blocks (100- or 120-grit), putty and knife, painter’s tape, dropcloths, paint brushes, paint try and/or pail, and of course the paint itself (high quality interior latex paint).
  2. Clean – You’ll need to clean the surface of the trim or else your hard work will be in vain and the paint won’t apply correctly. Use a dry cloth to wipe away spider webs and dust.  Follow with a damp cloth to clean away grime buildup.
  3. Sand & Make Repairs – After cleaning, go over the trim with your sanding block or sandpaper. The purpose of this is primarily to dull down any shine, but it’s also good to smooth down any imperfections.  If you see nail holes, dents, or cracks, fill them with the putty and smooth them over as you go.
  4. Painters’ Tape – Painter’s tape plays a key role in achieving crisp, clean lines in your paint job. Take the time to apply long strips of painter’s tape, usually at least several feet long, and press the tape firmly onto the wall next to the trim you’ll be painting.  Be sure to press hard so the tape adheres firmly and evenly to prevent trim paint from seeping onto the walls.
  5. Coatings – If you’re painting bare, unpainted wood trim, you’ll need to first apply at least one coat of high-quality interior primer. Let the first coat dry, and if you still see bare wood, apply a second coat.  Once primer coats have dried, finish with a smooth coating of high quality interior latex paint.  You can pull up the painter’s tape while the paint is still wet.

Once you’ve applied your final topcoat, just stand back and admire your good work!  It’s amazing what a difference a great trim painting job can make to the look of the room, and thought it’s careful, time-consuming work, it’s well worth it when you see those crisp, clean lines and bright white trim!

Great local painting companies can take care of the interior painting for you, too, including all trim work.  There are many good Jacksonville FL painting companies, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best choice for high quality work that will last.  Our expert interior painters are known for their eye for detail and precision as well as efficiency, and we’re the trusted painting contractor to homeowners throughout Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra, Riverside Avondale, San Marco, and Mandarin.  We specialize in high quality coatings and great customer service, so if you’d like the job done right, call on The Painting Craftsmen!

3 Tips for Exterior Paint Color

November 16, 2020 at 3:44 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Exterior Painting Services, Painting Services

Choosing the paint for your home’s exterior is a big decision!  A high-quality paint job will last for years, so you want to select the right colors, taking into account your personal taste, as well as the neighborhood and environment your home is a part of.

Here are tips from the best local painting company – us! – to help you can find the best exterior paint colors for your house:

  1. Style – Think about the style of your home and whether you want colors that reinforce that style. For example, Riverside Avondale neighborhoods have many Craftsman style homes, which typically incorporate warm neutrals and earth tones.  San Marco and Miramar neighborhoods include midcentury modern homes and Spanish colonial style houses which are often painted white or cream to complement terra cotta roof tiles and dark ironwork accents.  Beach houses along Ponte Vedra or Atlantic Beach are often more contemporary in style and would look great in color schemes of light, airy neutrals or seaside hues that reinforce this style.  Many house styles incorporate 3 colors – the main color, trim color, and an accent color, and homeowners often like to research the style of their houses and then choose colors that enhance it.
  2. Unchangeable Elements – Be sure to consider the parts of your home and property that are permanent, or at least cannot be changed easily. You’ll want to find a paint that does not clash with the color of your roof, or brick pavers, or stone accents you intend to keep.  Also consider the landscaping, particularly any flowering trees, to be sure you choose colors that will go well with the natural elements that surround your home.
  3. Setting – Consider your own neighborhood and street. If you are part of a homeowners’ association, you may need to review any rules or restrictions that pertain to house paint.  Even if your neighborhood is not part of an HOA, there may be bylaws about house color that you should review before hiring a good Jacksonville painting company to paint your home.  If you’re neighborly, you’ll also consider your neighbors’ preferences.  If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, you’ll also consider the tastes of others and steer yourself away from particularly bold or daring choices.

For more help choosing the best paint colors or color schemes for your house, you can always work with a highly rated painting contractor to find the right colors!  All the best Jacksonville FL painting companies can provide color consultations, and employee technicians who understand paint, including which coatings work best on which surfaces, and which colors will look great on a house of any style.  There are many great Jacksonville FL painting contractors, but for true craftsmanship, outstanding customer service, and a high-quality job that will last, call on The Painting Craftsmen.  Let us turn your house into your dream home!

5 Ceiling Paint Alternatives

July 24, 2020 at 2:22 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Interior Painting Services, Painting Services

White is a perennial favorite ceiling color and almost always looks fine in any room.  However, there is no rule that says a ceiling must be painted white!  If you want to consider alternatives to white paint for the ceilings in your home, here are our top recommendations:

  1. Bold Walls, Pale Ceiling – If you like going bold and have painted your walls a bold color, paint your ceilings a much lighter hue of the same wall color. Paint supply stores can add white to your wall paint color until you reach a tone you love for the ceiling.
  2. Single Color – In the right conditions, namely in a room with a large window and high ceiling, paint all walls and ceiling – trim too – the same color to create a bold and striking look.
  3. Above Trim – If you have a picture rail or chair rail, paint a darker tone below the rail and choose a paler hue of the same color above the rail and on the ceiling.
  4. Blue Like Sky – Pale blue is a popular alternative to white, in part because it’s reminiscent of blue skies. If your walls are white or otherwise neutral but you’re looking for a pop of color, try a pale shade of blue or bluish green.
  5. Yellow for Warmth – Painting your ceiling a yellow tone can add instant cheer to the room. If your kitchen has white cabinetry and walls, add a lively pop of color with a yellow ceiling.  Or to make a den or family room cozier, a pale gold or yellow tone on the ceiling adds warmth to the entire room.

When it comes to choosing wall paint and ceiling paint, your options truly are endless, and that can become overwhelming.  When you find the best painting company in your area, though, you can trust the professionals to take care of you throughout your project, including helping you select the paint colors and sheens you want for each room in your home.

The Painting Craftsmen is the best Jacksonville FL painting company and the trusted professional painters serving Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, Riverside and Northeast Florida.  Our highly trained technicians have an eye for detail and a passion for remaking your home into the home of your dreams.

Fresh Paint, Added Value

June 3, 2020 at 5:42 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Exterior Painting Services, Painting Services

One of the simplest yet most effective way to add value to your home is to apply a fresh coat of exterior paint.  When preparing to put a house on the market, many homeowners choose to call on a great professional painting company because they know this will increase their chances of selling quickly!  Here are several ways that a coating of fresh paint will benefit your home and add value to it:

  • Curb Appeal – Nothing boosts curb appeal like new coating of paint! Whether you repaint your house in the same hue or make a dramatic color change, fresh paint will enhance the way your house looks every time.
  • Checkup – While planning for your house to be painted, it’s also a great time to give your home’s exterior a “checkup.” Your painting contractor may point out rotting wood panels that should be replaced, cracks in stucco, rusted nail heads, brittle caulk, mold infestations, or any other issue that should be resolved in order to be sure your home stays in great shape.
  • Repairs – A quality exterior house painting project includes a significant amount of prep work. Problems that are identified during the “checkup” can be fixed and checked off your list at this time!  While prepping your house for painting, a great local painting contractor will caulk gaps, fill holes, repair drywall, replace rotten wood, and make other repairs that may be needed to be sure your home looks exactly as you want it to after the project is completed.
  • Protection – Fresh paint helps protect your Florida home from the elements, including rain and high humidity. Siding is less likely to splinter or crack when it’s sealed with a good coat of paint.

This summer give your home a facelift as well as an increased level of protection with a fresh coat of paint.  Set aside the time, grab your tools and supplies, and find the right colors for your home’s exterior and get going.  Better yet, if the though of a massive DIY painting project in the summer heat has you feeling overwhelmed, call on the best professional painting contractor in your area to take on the job.

The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL homeowners call on for interior and exterior house painting, cabinet refinishing, and more.  Our teams of highly trained professionals work skillfully and efficiently to help create the home you’ve been dreaming of!  Houses throughout Mandarin, Riverside, Nocatee, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville are looking sharp with a fresh coat of paint from The Painting Craftsmen.  Trust your house painting job to the painting pros

3 Ways Epoxy Flooring Makes Your Garage Look Amazing

March 13, 2020 at 10:04 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Flooring

It’s common knowledge that having epoxy flooring installed makes your garage safer and easier to maintain.  However, few homeowners understand just how much epoxy garage flooring does to enhance the look of the garage, and subsequently, the entire home.

Here are 3 important benefits to having an epoxy garage flooring installed on your property:

  • Clean Spills Fast – A great painting contractor will use professional machinery to grind down any unevenness in your concrete floor. Then, the epoxy coating will go on smoothly and evenly, forming a water-proof barrier.  Any motor oil, beverages, or other liquid spills will simply sit on top of the surface, and you can swiftly wipe them away.  If your garage floor has never sparkled before, it can now!
  • Remove Debris Easily – It’s never been easier to clean out your garage than when you have epoxy flooring installed. Grab a broom or the leaf blower and all debris can be removed quickly and completely.  It’ll take no time at all to make your garage spic-n-span whenever you like.
  • Aesthetic Enhancements – Homeowners love our epoxy garage flooring service because of its customization as well. You can choose from a whole host of color options.  Professionally installed epoxy flooring can match the wall colors, or your home’s exterior, your cars, or even the colors of your alma mater.  Whatever color or color combination you choose, you know it will go on smoothly and create an extremely durable finish that’s shock absorbent and easy to clean.

Hire a great painting service to install high quality epoxy flooring in your garage, and you’ll want to keep your garage doors up all the time just to make the neighbors jealous.  The Painting Craftsmen is the best Jacksonville FL painting company customers trust with their exterior painting, interior painting, cabinet refinishing, and of course, epoxy garage floor installation.  We know how to exceed our customers’ expectations – just ask our clients throughout Riverside Avondale, Queen’s Harbor, Miramar, and throughout Jacksonville and the Beaches.  Let us make your garage floor look amazing!

3 Important Steps in Cabinet Refinishing Prep

February 16, 2020 at 11:52 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Cabinet Refinishing, Cabinet Staining

Prep work is a critically important part of any painting or refinishing project, and cabinet refinishing is no exception.  If you’re planning to refinish your kitchen cabinets, be sure to get your project off on the right foot with these important prep work steps:

  1. Remove all contents. The first thing to do when prepping for your cabinet refinishing project is to remove all contents from all cabinets.  It’s best to box all contents by cabinet, label each box, and then compile all boxes in another room, away from the work site.  This is a time-consuming step, but don’t be tempted to cut corners.  Anything left in the cabinets can encumber your ability to work, or can fall and break, and will certainly get covered in dust as the project progresses.
  2. Clean the cabinets. Wipe away all cobwebs, suction out crumbs using a shop vac or vacuum attachment, and remove as much dirt and debris as you can from all cabinets.  Then wipe them down with a damp cloth, wiping all crevices of each cabinet face, and all other edges and details to remove any grime.  You may need to use a grease cutting cleaning solution on certain cabinets, if needed.  The cleaner you get the cabinetry, the smoother your coatings will go on, and the better your finished product will look!  You’ll also remove the hardware from each door and drawer, unless you’re planning to install all new hardware when your project is complete.  Place the hardware in a plastic bag so that no screws or knobs get lost.
  3. Cover all other surfaces. Cover the countertops, appliances, and other areas that you want to protect.  Chairs, smaller appliances, and other such items can be taken out of the work area to protect them and to give you more room to work.  Cover everything else using drop cloths or painter’s plastic and secure it with masking tape or painter’s tape, and position drop cloths along the floor.

Once you’ve cleared out your stuff from inside the cabinetry, cleaned the cabinets thoroughly, and covered the surrounding surfaces, you’re ready to apply the paint or stain you’ve selected!  Cabinet refinishing is a satisfying and exciting DIY job, but it’s also a challenging and time-consuming one, which is why most Southside, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville homeowners choose to call on a great local painting contractor to do the project for them.  The Painting Craftsmen is the best Jacksonville FL painting company and the team to trust with your cabinets.  Give us a call and let’s get started on your cabinet transformation!

Can I Paint My House in Cold Weather?

January 7, 2020 at 12:18 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Exterior Painting Services

Here in Northeast Florida, though the temperatures rarely fall below freezing, many customers ask how to know if it gets to cold to paint outdoors.  Here’s what you need to know about painting your home’s exterior in cold weather.  Paint goes on best in warm weather, and the weather in Mandarin, San Marco, Jacksonville, and on the beach seldom dips low enough to cancel your house painting project.

If you do need to paint your house in winter, here’s what you can do to make sure your painting project is a success:

  • Check your product labels. Read the labels on all types of coating to be sure they are formulated to be applied during low temperatures.  Many common house paints and stains are applied best when the temps are 50 or above, but the label on the material will indicate whether it can be applied successfully in colder weather.
  • Use the right applicators.When you purchase the paint for your house, check with the paint experts to find out which brushes, roller covers, and other applicators they recommend for applying the specific paint.  Though it’s a good idea to do this whenever purchasing house paint, you’ll especially want to do it when there’s a risk of cold weather.
  • Work in the warmth. Plan your project so that you’re painting from midmorning to midafternoon, when the day is typically at its warmest, and follow the sun as you work.
  • Call the professionals. Avoid all hassle whatsoever and call on a great professional painting company to do the project instead!

There are many great Jacksonville FL painting contractors, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Riverside, Sawgrass, and Southside homeowners call on for their painting projects.  Our teams specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, and more, and our technicians are trained and coached to be the best in the field.  We believe you and your home deserve the BEST—the best in customer service, quality work, and an end result you’ll love.

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