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Painting Brick

May 9, 2022 at 10:29 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Exterior Painting Services, Painting Services

Should I paint my brick house?  This question is a contentious one among homeowners, and even among professional painters.  Do you give your home’s fireplace or brick exterior a new life with a fresh coat of paint?  Or do you leave the brick untouched as an homage to the past?  Because of the permanence of painting brick, it’s a big decision!  Here are some pros and cons of painting brick houses to help you decide:

Benefits of painting brick:

  • Fresh Appearance – If you find the brick on your house to feel drab, dated, or dingy, nothing will be better than a coat of fresh paint. Cover that dark or soot-stained fireplace with a warm white or neutral and fall in love with it!  Or hire a good painting company in  your area to coat the brick exterior of your home with gray, beige, or any color you want so that you can finally make your home your own.
  • Uniform Look – Each brick is different, sometimes including its texture, color, hue, or size. If these discrepancies are bothersome to you, a coat of paint will give the brick wall or feature a uniform appearance.
  • Easy to Clean – Painting over brick creates a smooth, polished surface that’s much easier to maintain and keep clean than the porous and rough texture of unpainted brick.

Downsides of painting brick:

  • No Going Back! – Once you paint over your brick feature, fireplace, or exterior, there’s no going back.  It’s not like painting wood furniture or something that you can “strip” or peel off if you don’t like the look.  If you’re not crazy about the brick siding on your house, first consider if a good pressure washing will make it look more pleasing, or consider painting the wood trim, or even changing the landscaping before you go full throttle and paint over the brick.
  • Repainting – Once the brick is painted, like any surface, it will need to be repainted as part of its maintenance.
  • Prep Work – Painting brick can be a taxing job. It requires extensive prep work and can call for specially formulated paint and supplies.  Most homeowners who decide to paint their brick homes check out the best painting contractors in their area and choose a good professional painting company to do the work!

If you’re thinking about painting the brick on your home, you’ll want to call on a highly rated painting contractor for the job.  There are many great painting services throughout Northeast Florida, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL residents choose when it comes to painting exteriors.  We’re committed to serving our customers in Riverside, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville with the highest quality service, and we’ll tackle your painting job with the same passion, skill, and attention to detail.

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