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Exterior Painting that Will Last

July 10, 2022 at 10:14 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Exterior Painting Services

The time has come to paint your house, and you know it’s going to be an investment of time and money, so you want to be sure you do it right.  How can you make sure your exterior paint job will last?  Our pro tips can help!

  • Clean the House First – Before you mix the paint, your house needs to be thoroughly pressure washed. The paint simply won’t adhere correctly to your siding if the siding is coated in dirt or debris.  Every exterior painting project starts with power washing because grime, insect nests, salt and sand, and other debris needs to be removed in order for the paint to be applied.
  • No Shortcuts on Prep – For a paint job that lasts, don’t skimp on the prep work. Take the time to remove rusty nails, fill nail holes, scrape and sand, repair rotten wood, and apply caulk.  If you’re not sure how to do the prep that is needed, hire a good local painting contractor and let the team take care of everything!
  • Quality Product – Cheap paint begets a cheap paint job. Invest in highly pigmented, good quality paint and topcoats, and you’ll love the results.  You’ll also most likely be done with the exterior painting faster, since high quality paint covers better.  If you go for the cheap stuff, you may need to put on so many coats of paint, it’ll end up costing more than if you had sprung for good quality paint in the first place!
  • Plan it Right – Good exterior painting jobs need to be planned. If you’re painting your home’s exterior yourself, plan to take a chunk of time off for the pressure washing, prep, and painting.  Plan to have friends help, if possible, since most exterior paint jobs include wrangling ladders, rolling, brushing, spraying, and can sometimes require a few trips to the hardware store for supplies you don’t realize you needed.  The easier way to have your house painted the right way, and at no hassle to you, is to hire great professional painters to take care of it all.
  • Do it Right – House painting is not an average household chore. You can’t really knock it out in an afternoon. For a good quality paint job that will last, you need to be sure you caulk and seal certain areas, apply the paint in certain ways to certain types of siding, and above all, work safely, particularly on ladders, roofs, wet surfaces, etc.  Many Riverside, Ortega, Mandarin, and Jacksonville homeowners opt to hire a great professional painting company so that the job will be done right!

There are many good painting contractors in the area, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL neighbors rely on for their homes.  We have specialized teams that focus on interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, and more, and we’d love to help you with your painting projects!  Let our trained and experienced painting technicians take care of the whole house painting project for you.

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