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Prep Step You Cannot Skip

October 24, 2022 at 12:29 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Interior Painting Services, Painting Services

You’ve chosen the best exterior paint colors for the siding and trim, budgeted appropriately, picked up your supplies, and maybe even taken time off work for your big house painting project, and now you’re ready to begin.

The first part of any exterior house painting project is lots of prep work.  You’ll need to scrape, sand, caulk gaps, etc., but before you do any of that, there’s an important prep work step that cannot be skipped: pressure washing.

Many homeowners wonder, do I really need to pressure wash my house before painting?  What are the benefits of power washing a house before it is painted?  Here’s why it’s important to pressure wash your home before painting it:

  1. Remove Grime – Pressure washing your home removes grime and buildup. Cobwebs, mold, mildew, insect nests, mud, sand, and salt are all removed with a high-quality pressure washing job, particularly when done by a good professional pressure washing company with the best quality equipment.  If you don’t power wash your house before painting, you’ll paint right over the dirt and debris, which can cause the coatings to fail.
  2. Remove Old Paint – Pressurized water and cleaning solution will remove not only dirt and insect infestations, but also loose and peeling paint. When this peeling paint is washed away and removed by pressure washing, it will make it much easier for you to do subsequent prep work of scraping and sanding.
  3. Review Repairs – After pressure washing your home’s exterior, all grime and loose paint will be removed, and you’ll be left with a “blank slate”, ready to prep and paint. Just as importantly, good pressure washing will reveal any areas of your house that are in need of repair prior to painting.  You’ll be able to more easily see rotten wood, holes, gaps, warped wood, rusted nails, and other areas that will need to be handled as part of the prep work.

Don’t skip the pressure washing.  Pressure washing cleans debris away from your home and gets it ready to receive primer, paint, or stain, and ensures those topcoats will adhere better and last longer.

Exterior house painting is a big project, and most homeowners opt to find the best local painting contractors to do the job.  Great painting companies employ great painters who know how to complete the multitude of prep work required, including pressure washing, and ensure the exterior painting looks great and is done correctly and thoroughly.

There are many great painting services in Northeast Florida, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting contractor Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their homes.  Our commitment to quality and our eye for detail make us the trusted painting company in Mandarin, Ortega, Riverside, Southside, and throughout Jacksonville and the Beaches.  Give us a call and let’s get started planning your exterior painting project!

Easiest Kitchen Redo

You’re getting tired of the same ol’ kitchen, but what’s the best way to update or refresh it?  A total renovation can cost a fortune, but a deep cleaning and a few new fixtures are not enough of an update.  The solution that more and more Riverside, Southside, Ponte Vedra, and San Marco homeowners are discovering is custom cabinet refinishing from The Painting Craftsmen!  Here’s the scoop on why our artisan cabinet refinishing services are a great way to update your kitchen:

  • Easy – High quality cabinet refinishing companies make it easy for you to get the look you want for your kitchen. All you need to do is find the best local cabinet refinishing service, book a free estimate so you can meet with a member of the team and describe exactly how you want your updated kitchen cabinetry to look, review the estimate, and schedule the work!  Good painting and cabinet refacing companies take care of everything for you.  If you want new knobs and drawer pulls, we’ll order them for you.  If you want a specific color, we’ll get it mixed exactly how you want it.  All you need to do is let us know what you want, and we’ll take care of it!
  • Affordable – Custom cabinet refinishing is the cost-effective way to redo your kitchen. A total renovation can cost a lot of money, especially in the current market where materials – in particular building materials – can be hard to locate, expensive to procure, and slow to be delivered.  Save money by calling on a high-quality professional cabinet refinishing company and let the craftsmen create the feel of a new kitchen by simply refacing or refinishing your cabinets!
  • Total Customization – When you hire a good cabinet refinishing service to update your kitchen cabinets, you are in control of the outcome. Great cabinet refinishers provide total customization, which means you choose the paint or stain color, the design details, the hardware, everything.  More and more homeowners are choosing cabinet refinishing because they can customize the look they want for their own kitchens.

There are many great cabinet refinishers in the area, but the best cabinet refinishing company Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on is The Painting Craftsmen.  We specialize in cabinet refinishing and have honed our skills to perfection.  Give us a call and let’s get started on your kitchen cabinet refinishing project!

Painting Brick

May 9, 2022 at 10:29 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Exterior Painting Services, Painting Services

Should I paint my brick house?  This question is a contentious one among homeowners, and even among professional painters.  Do you give your home’s fireplace or brick exterior a new life with a fresh coat of paint?  Or do you leave the brick untouched as an homage to the past?  Because of the permanence of painting brick, it’s a big decision!  Here are some pros and cons of painting brick houses to help you decide:

Benefits of painting brick:

  • Fresh Appearance – If you find the brick on your house to feel drab, dated, or dingy, nothing will be better than a coat of fresh paint. Cover that dark or soot-stained fireplace with a warm white or neutral and fall in love with it!  Or hire a good painting company in  your area to coat the brick exterior of your home with gray, beige, or any color you want so that you can finally make your home your own.
  • Uniform Look – Each brick is different, sometimes including its texture, color, hue, or size. If these discrepancies are bothersome to you, a coat of paint will give the brick wall or feature a uniform appearance.
  • Easy to Clean – Painting over brick creates a smooth, polished surface that’s much easier to maintain and keep clean than the porous and rough texture of unpainted brick.

Downsides of painting brick:

  • No Going Back! – Once you paint over your brick feature, fireplace, or exterior, there’s no going back.  It’s not like painting wood furniture or something that you can “strip” or peel off if you don’t like the look.  If you’re not crazy about the brick siding on your house, first consider if a good pressure washing will make it look more pleasing, or consider painting the wood trim, or even changing the landscaping before you go full throttle and paint over the brick.
  • Repainting – Once the brick is painted, like any surface, it will need to be repainted as part of its maintenance.
  • Prep Work – Painting brick can be a taxing job. It requires extensive prep work and can call for specially formulated paint and supplies.  Most homeowners who decide to paint their brick homes check out the best painting contractors in their area and choose a good professional painting company to do the work!

If you’re thinking about painting the brick on your home, you’ll want to call on a highly rated painting contractor for the job.  There are many great painting services throughout Northeast Florida, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL residents choose when it comes to painting exteriors.  We’re committed to serving our customers in Riverside, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville with the highest quality service, and we’ll tackle your painting job with the same passion, skill, and attention to detail.

How to Test Paint Colors

You know the bedrooms or living room in your home need to be repainted, or maybe even the entire exterior of your house needs a fresh coat of paint.  The next step is to choose the right colors, but how?  Use our tips for testing paint colors to find the best color for your home!

  1. Determine the general tone you desire. Do you want a bold or dark color, or a neutral?  Do you want to stick with generally the same tone that’s already on the wall, or start fresh with a vibrant new color?  If you have a general idea of the value, intensity, and hue you want before you head to the paint store, you’ll be less likely to be overwhelmed by the color selection.
  2. Use an app. There are many apps that allow you to upload a picture of your house or room and then apply different colors to the image to get a general idea of what the area would look like in a certain color.  These apps can be very useful, especially if you’re going into the repainting project with no idea what color to choose.
  3. Confer with a professional. All the best professional painting companies offer help with color selection.  If you’re not sure what color will look best on your home’s exterior or in a particular room, and you don’t want to hassle with an app, call on a good local painting contractor and get input from the pros who work with paint every single day!
  4. Choose your top picks. Zero in on your favorite colors and pick up swatches from the paint supply store.  Or you may choose to order a small sample can of each of your top color options.
  5. Put color on the walls. Tape the swatches up on the wall, or if you ordered samples, apply a small amount of each color to the walls.  It’s best to apply the swatch or paint sample to several areas in order to see what the paint looks like in daylight, shade, next to certain objects, etc.  You need to get an idea of how the color will behave in all settings and scenarios.
  6. Get second (or third) opinions. Once the swatches or paint samples are up, call in family members and trusted friends to help make the decision.  If you need yet another opinion, you can call on a local professional painting service and trust the pros to offer sound advice.
  7. Make your decision! Once you’ve gone through these steps, it’s time to make your final decision.  Choosing which colors to paint your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or exterior is a big decision, but don’t get hung up on it.  You may need to just find the color you love and get painting!

More and more Northeast Florida homeowners are choosing to call on professional painters when the time comes for a fresh coat of paint.  The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on for repainting the exterior, applying a fresh coat to the interior, refinishing cabinetry, and more.  Our technicians are highly trained and skilled painting contractors with a passion for doing high quality work and taking care of customers.  Our customers in Ortega, San Marco, Southside, Riverside, and along the Beaches love the work we do, and we know you will too!

Painting Shiplap

December 9, 2021 at 11:30 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Design Trends, Painting Services

Shiplap continues to be popular interior design trend, appearing in everything from farmhouse design to transitional homes.  So how do you paint shiplap siding?  Our pro tips can help!

  1. Clean & Remove Dust – Prior to painting nearly any surface, you’ll lightly sand the surface in order to help the new coating adhere. In the case of preparing shiplap to be painted, you’ll want to be careful and take extra time to remove as much dust as possible from the grooves between the shiplap boards.  If you don’t clean the grooves, they’ll be trickier and more time consuming to evenly coat.
  2. Prep Nail Holes – If nail holes are visible in the shiplap siding, remove any dust from around them and fill them with paintable caulk. When the caulk has dried, lightly sand the areas and wipe away the dust.  As you roll the paint, take note of the nail holes and be sure the areas are getting coated evenly.  If they aren’t you may need to re-caulk and re-sand them.  With shiplap siding, smoothness is the look you want!
  3. Roller & Artist’s Brush – Use a roller to evenly coat the shiplap boards and use a small paintbrush, sometimes called an “artist’s brush” to paint inside the grooves between shiplap boards. When painting panels or shiplap, pay close attention to the grooves to be sure no area gets skipped.  Once you pass over the shiplap with your roller, use the small brush to make sure paint gets into every crack and crevice.

Different types of siding require different skills and even different types of material, and shiplap siding is no different.  Many homeowners in our area, including Ponte Vedra, Riverside, San Marco, Fleming Island, and the Beaches, choose to skip the hassle and call on a highly rated professional painting company for their interior painting projects.  The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting contractor Jacksonville FL residents trust with their homes, and it’s because of our commitment to quality, our attention to detail, and our devotion to our customers.  If you’re ready for a high quality paint job, call on The Painting Craftsmen!

Removing Paint from Surfaces

August 7, 2021 at 10:13 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Paint Removal, Painting Services

When you’re wrapping up your DIY painting project, you may find that drips, drops, and spatter have gotten onto some of the surfaces around the house.  Small amounts of paint spatter can spray onto the flooring, countertops, and other areas of your home, even when you carefully prep the area before painting and rolling.

The best way to remove paint from flooring, furniture, or other surfaces, is to carefully and thoroughly wipe it away with a painter’s rag or old cloth as soon as it happens, while the paint is still wet.  Once the paint drops dry, they’re harder to remove.  When paint spills onto concrete and hardens, it can typically be safely removed with a household cleaner and a stiff bristled brush, causing no damage to the surface.  However, many other household surfaces require greater care in removing dried paint without damaging the material.  For example, if you need to remove dried paint from linoleum and vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, wood furniture, natural stone, and certain other surfaces, approach the project very carefully.

Use these steps as a guide when you need to remove paint from surfaces around your home:

  1. Manufacturer’s Guides – Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions before applying a cleaning product or using a tool on the surface. Certain solutions can void the warranty, so always check the product’s guidelines before embarking on a paint removal project.
  2. Start Simple – It’s best to start with the smallest step, such as the gentlest cleaning solution, and work your way up. In the case of dried paint removal, this can mean starting with a mixture of warm water and a few drops of dish soap, rather than a harsh cleaning chemical.  Even when removing hardened paint, avoid using alcohol, mineral spirits, or other harsh chemicals, as these are very likely to cause damage to many household surfaces.  Similarly, try using a plastic scraper like a spatula or credit card to remove dried paint rather than using a metal putty knife blade, steel wool, or other aggressive tool which will likely scratch and damage the surface.
  3. Test Area – Anytime you are going to apply a cleaning solution, even a simple one, always test the mixture in an inconspicuous area of the surface to be sure that the product does not cause any damage to the surface.
  4. Patience – To preserve your flooring, furniture, and other surfaces while cleaning up after an interior painting project, you’ll need patience and some “elbow grease” to safely remove dried paint. By avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive tools, it may take longer to remove the hardened house paint, but it will be worth the wait because you’ll have protected your home’s surfaces.

When planning your next interior painting project, call on a great professional painting company to get results you love.  There are many good local house painters, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best professional painting contractor Jacksonville FL homeowners choose for their exterior and interior painting projects, cabinet refinishing projects, and more.  Our customers in Mandarin, Riverside, San Marco, Atlantic Beach, and throughout Jacksonville love our commitment to high quality work and outstanding customer service, and we’d love to provide the same for you!

Pro Tips for Painting Trim

Painting trim is detailed work and takes skill and precision to master.  Pro tips from an award-winning local painting company (us!) will help you achieve great results when painting the trim in your home!

  1. Supplies – First, there are a few supplies you need on hand for any great paint job, including trim painting: sandpaper or sanding blocks (100- or 120-grit), putty and knife, painter’s tape, dropcloths, paint brushes, paint try and/or pail, and of course the paint itself (high quality interior latex paint).
  2. Clean – You’ll need to clean the surface of the trim or else your hard work will be in vain and the paint won’t apply correctly. Use a dry cloth to wipe away spider webs and dust.  Follow with a damp cloth to clean away grime buildup.
  3. Sand & Make Repairs – After cleaning, go over the trim with your sanding block or sandpaper. The purpose of this is primarily to dull down any shine, but it’s also good to smooth down any imperfections.  If you see nail holes, dents, or cracks, fill them with the putty and smooth them over as you go.
  4. Painters’ Tape – Painter’s tape plays a key role in achieving crisp, clean lines in your paint job. Take the time to apply long strips of painter’s tape, usually at least several feet long, and press the tape firmly onto the wall next to the trim you’ll be painting.  Be sure to press hard so the tape adheres firmly and evenly to prevent trim paint from seeping onto the walls.
  5. Coatings – If you’re painting bare, unpainted wood trim, you’ll need to first apply at least one coat of high-quality interior primer. Let the first coat dry, and if you still see bare wood, apply a second coat.  Once primer coats have dried, finish with a smooth coating of high quality interior latex paint.  You can pull up the painter’s tape while the paint is still wet.

Once you’ve applied your final topcoat, just stand back and admire your good work!  It’s amazing what a difference a great trim painting job can make to the look of the room, and thought it’s careful, time-consuming work, it’s well worth it when you see those crisp, clean lines and bright white trim!

Great local painting companies can take care of the interior painting for you, too, including all trim work.  There are many good Jacksonville FL painting companies, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best choice for high quality work that will last.  Our expert interior painters are known for their eye for detail and precision as well as efficiency, and we’re the trusted painting contractor to homeowners throughout Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra, Riverside Avondale, San Marco, and Mandarin.  We specialize in high quality coatings and great customer service, so if you’d like the job done right, call on The Painting Craftsmen!

3 Tips for Exterior Paint Color

November 16, 2020 at 3:44 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Exterior Painting Services, Painting Services

Choosing the paint for your home’s exterior is a big decision!  A high-quality paint job will last for years, so you want to select the right colors, taking into account your personal taste, as well as the neighborhood and environment your home is a part of.

Here are tips from the best local painting company – us! – to help you can find the best exterior paint colors for your house:

  1. Style – Think about the style of your home and whether you want colors that reinforce that style. For example, Riverside Avondale neighborhoods have many Craftsman style homes, which typically incorporate warm neutrals and earth tones.  San Marco and Miramar neighborhoods include midcentury modern homes and Spanish colonial style houses which are often painted white or cream to complement terra cotta roof tiles and dark ironwork accents.  Beach houses along Ponte Vedra or Atlantic Beach are often more contemporary in style and would look great in color schemes of light, airy neutrals or seaside hues that reinforce this style.  Many house styles incorporate 3 colors – the main color, trim color, and an accent color, and homeowners often like to research the style of their houses and then choose colors that enhance it.
  2. Unchangeable Elements – Be sure to consider the parts of your home and property that are permanent, or at least cannot be changed easily. You’ll want to find a paint that does not clash with the color of your roof, or brick pavers, or stone accents you intend to keep.  Also consider the landscaping, particularly any flowering trees, to be sure you choose colors that will go well with the natural elements that surround your home.
  3. Setting – Consider your own neighborhood and street. If you are part of a homeowners’ association, you may need to review any rules or restrictions that pertain to house paint.  Even if your neighborhood is not part of an HOA, there may be bylaws about house color that you should review before hiring a good Jacksonville painting company to paint your home.  If you’re neighborly, you’ll also consider your neighbors’ preferences.  If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, you’ll also consider the tastes of others and steer yourself away from particularly bold or daring choices.

For more help choosing the best paint colors or color schemes for your house, you can always work with a highly rated painting contractor to find the right colors!  All the best Jacksonville FL painting companies can provide color consultations, and employee technicians who understand paint, including which coatings work best on which surfaces, and which colors will look great on a house of any style.  There are many great Jacksonville FL painting contractors, but for true craftsmanship, outstanding customer service, and a high-quality job that will last, call on The Painting Craftsmen.  Let us turn your house into your dream home!

5 Ceiling Paint Alternatives

July 24, 2020 at 2:22 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Interior Painting Services, Painting Services

White is a perennial favorite ceiling color and almost always looks fine in any room.  However, there is no rule that says a ceiling must be painted white!  If you want to consider alternatives to white paint for the ceilings in your home, here are our top recommendations:

  1. Bold Walls, Pale Ceiling – If you like going bold and have painted your walls a bold color, paint your ceilings a much lighter hue of the same wall color. Paint supply stores can add white to your wall paint color until you reach a tone you love for the ceiling.
  2. Single Color – In the right conditions, namely in a room with a large window and high ceiling, paint all walls and ceiling – trim too – the same color to create a bold and striking look.
  3. Above Trim – If you have a picture rail or chair rail, paint a darker tone below the rail and choose a paler hue of the same color above the rail and on the ceiling.
  4. Blue Like Sky – Pale blue is a popular alternative to white, in part because it’s reminiscent of blue skies. If your walls are white or otherwise neutral but you’re looking for a pop of color, try a pale shade of blue or bluish green.
  5. Yellow for Warmth – Painting your ceiling a yellow tone can add instant cheer to the room. If your kitchen has white cabinetry and walls, add a lively pop of color with a yellow ceiling.  Or to make a den or family room cozier, a pale gold or yellow tone on the ceiling adds warmth to the entire room.

When it comes to choosing wall paint and ceiling paint, your options truly are endless, and that can become overwhelming.  When you find the best painting company in your area, though, you can trust the professionals to take care of you throughout your project, including helping you select the paint colors and sheens you want for each room in your home.

The Painting Craftsmen is the best Jacksonville FL painting company and the trusted professional painters serving Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, Riverside and Northeast Florida.  Our highly trained technicians have an eye for detail and a passion for remaking your home into the home of your dreams.

Fresh Paint, Added Value

June 3, 2020 at 5:42 pm | No comment | Category: Blog, Exterior Painting Services, Painting Services

One of the simplest yet most effective way to add value to your home is to apply a fresh coat of exterior paint.  When preparing to put a house on the market, many homeowners choose to call on a great professional painting company because they know this will increase their chances of selling quickly!  Here are several ways that a coating of fresh paint will benefit your home and add value to it:

  • Curb Appeal – Nothing boosts curb appeal like new coating of paint! Whether you repaint your house in the same hue or make a dramatic color change, fresh paint will enhance the way your house looks every time.
  • Checkup – While planning for your house to be painted, it’s also a great time to give your home’s exterior a “checkup.” Your painting contractor may point out rotting wood panels that should be replaced, cracks in stucco, rusted nail heads, brittle caulk, mold infestations, or any other issue that should be resolved in order to be sure your home stays in great shape.
  • Repairs – A quality exterior house painting project includes a significant amount of prep work. Problems that are identified during the “checkup” can be fixed and checked off your list at this time!  While prepping your house for painting, a great local painting contractor will caulk gaps, fill holes, repair drywall, replace rotten wood, and make other repairs that may be needed to be sure your home looks exactly as you want it to after the project is completed.
  • Protection – Fresh paint helps protect your Florida home from the elements, including rain and high humidity. Siding is less likely to splinter or crack when it’s sealed with a good coat of paint.

This summer give your home a facelift as well as an increased level of protection with a fresh coat of paint.  Set aside the time, grab your tools and supplies, and find the right colors for your home’s exterior and get going.  Better yet, if the though of a massive DIY painting project in the summer heat has you feeling overwhelmed, call on the best professional painting contractor in your area to take on the job.

The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL homeowners call on for interior and exterior house painting, cabinet refinishing, and more.  Our teams of highly trained professionals work skillfully and efficiently to help create the home you’ve been dreaming of!  Houses throughout Mandarin, Riverside, Nocatee, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville are looking sharp with a fresh coat of paint from The Painting Craftsmen.  Trust your house painting job to the painting pros

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