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Three Important Features Your Interior Paint Must Have

February 9, 2017 at 9:44 am | No comment | Category: Blog

High quality paint is important for any painting project.  As you know, higher quality paint adheres better, is easier to apply and work with, covers better in fewer coats, lasts longer, and the list goes on and on.  When it comes to interior painting projects in particular, there are a few features you want to be absolutely sure your paint has.

  1. Low or No VOCs – VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are the gasses that are released by the solvents in paint.  Simply put, VOCs are what you might smell when applying paint to the wall.  These fumes can cause headaches and irritate your eyes and lungs, as well as those of any pets, kids, or other family members that are around while you do the painting.  These fumes can linger long after the project is completed – even up to years – as the paint cures.  When you’re hiring the best painters for your interior painting job, make sure they only use low- or no-VOC paint to keep you and your family away from all noxious fumes.  A good paint manufacturer will be able to reduce or eliminate these harmful VOCs without compromising quality or bumping up the cost.
  2. Cleanability – Do you have kids?  Pets?  Like to entertain?  You’ll want to be sure your interior paint scores high in cleanability, scrubbability, and/or washability.  These are all terms for the ability of the paint to withstand the cleaning chemicals and agitation that come with maintaining it and ridding it of spills and stains when needed.  If your paint scores low on these factors, that means that when you go to wipe away the spatter from spilled spaghetti, you’ll leave a mark on the painted surface.  Even if you clean away all spaghetti sauce, the residue from the cleaning solution you used, or even from plain water, would likely have discolored the paint permanently.  If your interior house paint scores high on washability, on the other hand, this means you’ll be able to blot and wipe up such spills as they happen, at no or very little change to the appearance of the painted wall.
  3. 100% Acrylic Binder – The binder, as the name suggests, is the ingredient that holds the rest of the material in the paint together.  A high quality binder provides better adhesion, better durability, and better coverage.  You want great coverage in your exterior painting project, too, but with interior paint, you’ll be looking at the walls a lot more closely, and spending a lot more time within the walls of each room than you likely will the outside of your house.  Therefore, find the paint that covers evenly.  Any paint that has less than 100% acrylic binder is lower quality than you want for your home’s walls.  Binders to avoid include vinyl acrylic and vinyl copolymer.

When it comes to interior painting, high quality paint is critically important.  However, even the best quality paint on the market won’t ensure a perfect paint job.  For a truly high quality paint job, hire the best painting company in your area and leave the prep work, the cutting in, the trim, the rolling, and everything else to the pros.  Interior painting is pitched as being an easy DIY project, but most homeowners find they can’t produce the results they want for their homes.  That’s where great house painters come in.  The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting service Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on for their painting needs.  Whether you want the fireplace painted, an accent wall, high quality cabinet refinishing, or a total overhaul of your home’s interior, we’re the best painting contractors and the ones to trust with your painting project.  

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