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Protect Your Home With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

November 16, 2016 at 10:33 am | No comment | Category: Blog

Beyond transforming the appearance of your home, a fresh coat of paint offers vast protection against the elements, which is extremely important here in Florida. Here are some of the ways in which a high quality, professional paint application can protect your home:

 – UV rays: We all know the importance of applying sunscreen to protect our skin from the powerful sunlight and UV rays. Without the proper protection, your home will also suffer damage and drastically fade due to ultraviolet rays.

 – Mold and mildew: Mold and mildew are troublesome to many homes in the area, due to our warm, damp climate. Issues such as these can turn even the most beautiful home into an eyesore. If the paint on your home is not intact, a mold or mildew infestation can cause extensive damage by allowing moisture into the walls, encouraging dry rot and fungus growth, and causing structural damage to the house. Proper prep work is important in these cases, as paint alone cannot kill mold spores. You’ll need to thoroughly clean the surface, usually by pressure washing and including a chlorine based cleaning solution. After that, if further steps need to be taken, your exterior painting contractor will be able to recommend a great quality paint that is formulated with mildewcides to counteract future problems.

– Deterioration: Paint helps to seal into the wood all natural resins and other oils that might otherwise be weathered out. As time goes by, a hairline crack can appear in the stucco of your home, or a gash in a wood panel can become a large crack, allowing moisture in, and opening up the siding of your house to numerous problems. Paint provides great protection against such issues.

– Moisture and leaks: A painted surface slows the penetration of exterior moisture into wood. Here in Florida, we have high humidity year round, and rain and thunderstorms can be daily occurrences. When your home has received a high quality topcoat by a great professional painting company, you can rest assured that the corners are sealed, gaps are caulked, and your home will remain safe and dry, whatever the weather.

To protect your home against these elements really takes a three-pronged approach:

–  First, the best paint must be selected. You can do your research, or you can call on a highly rated professional painting contractor to do the job, and take comfort in knowing that the professionals have already done the research for you. The best painting contractor will be an expert in any and all paints and finishes and will be able to recommend the best latex paint, stain, or other finish for your home.

–  Second, proper prep work is critically important in protecting your home. Even if you select the best possible paint for your home, if you simply apply it over the mildew without first eradicating the source of the problem, your efforts are in vain.

–  Third, you need to find the right team for the job. Some homeowners enjoy complex DIY projects in the hot sun. If you’re embarking on a house painting project, be sure to research the best paint for your home’s needs, the techniques that are right for your type of home, and set aside the time for the job. Note that certain exterior paint jobs require important but lesser known safety measures. For example, if you’ll be applying paint that contains mildewcides, you’ll need to wear a mask, safety gloves, and safety goggles. Alternately, many other homeowners prefer to find the best exterior house painting company in the area and trust the work to the professionals!

The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL residents trust with their homes, and we’re the right company for your painting project! Our technicians excel at prepping and painting wood paneling, cedar shake, stucco, and all other styles commonly found here in San Marco, Riverside, Mandarin, Nocatee, and throughout the Jacksonville area. Our teams of exterior painters are trained extensively and have the experience that a complex, taxing job like this requires. The best thing you can do for your home is protect it from the elements and premature deterioration. That just happens to be our specialty. Call today and let’s get your home on our schedule!

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