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How To Select The Best House Paint

December 12, 2014 at 1:36 pm | No comment | Category: Exterior Painting Services

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Step into any hardware store or paint store and you’ll notice seemingly endless choices of paint you can buy for your home. Countless brands offer a variety of luster and sheen in any color you can dream up. How do you choose the right paint for your home’s exterior or interior paint job? The key to selecting the right paint for your house is in understanding the importance of quality paint.

Quality House Paint 101
Paint is composed of pigment, resin, and a carrier. The pigment gives the paint color, the resin binds the pigments together and makes the paint adhere to a surface, and the carrier allows the two to be applied smoothly. The price and performance of paint depends on the quality and amount of each ingredient.

When comparing two similar cans of paint, it’s tempting to choose the less expensive one. However, with house paint, you truly get what you pay for. Seemingly small differences between the gallons of paint may make a huge difference in how your painting project turns out. For example, the less expensive choice may have been diluted with excessive water or solvents, in an attempt by the manufacturer to bring down the price. The more expensive paint, on the other hand, may have a higher amount of pigmentation and will do a better job of covering your walls. Anyone who has ever spent time painting a room will tell you how frustrating it is to have to paint coat after coat after buying cheap paint. Opt instead for the higher quality paint, and though it may seem more expensive up front, it will cost less in the long run since it will cover the walls in as little as one coat. The bottom line is that the better the coverage, the less paint you’ll buy, so reach for the quality house paint that covers evenly and thoroughly.

How To Identify High Quality House Paint
High quality paint is manufactured with the purpose of providing the best coverage in the fewest coats. Titanium dioxide is the primary pigment in high quality paint, and is the agent responsible for covering blemishes and smoothing cracks on a surface. A high amount of titanium dioxide, therefore, is a great indicator of quality house paint. High quality paint has finer particles of pigment which give it a richer, more saturated, and more even color, and high-grade resins that give it a more durable finish. Brands that offer high quality paint will often have a larger selection of colors, as well. Finding paint with these qualities will ensure that your painting project goes as planned, and that the finished product looks great and lasts.

You can also learn a lot about the quality of a type of paint by simply reading the label on the can and asking the experts at your local paint store.

Check the label for the following information:

  • Warranty: Look on the label and make sure you are happy with the warranty the manufacturer gives. Top-of-the-line paints offer guarantees for 10 years or more.
  • Pigmentation: Proper pigmentation allows you to cover your walls evenly in as little as one coat. Remember that the primary pigment in good quality paint is titanium dioxide, so make sure that it’s listed in the ingredients.
  • Scrubbability rating: A paint will have a scrubbability rating, which indicates how well it withstands scrubbing and cleaning. This will let you know its toughness and durability, and help you decide if its the right paint for the room or area you have in mind.
  • Percentage of solids: “Solids” refers to what’s left on the walls once the paint has dried. Solids give the wall a dense and durable covering, so the higher the level of solids, the better the quality of the paint. Paint with a solids percentage of 45 or higher is considered good, so be sure the label indicates an appropriate number.

The True Cost Of Your Paint Job
In addition to the paint itself, your painting job will require other materials that you’ll need to purchase or collect. The right ladders are needed to reach each area, and tarps and drop cloths are needed protect your floors and furniture. To apply the paint, you’ll need trays, rollers, brushes of various sizes, and an extension for your rollers if your project includes high walls, ceilings, or peaks. The costs can add up quickly, and when all is said and done, it’s often best to hire a local professional painting company for the job. Find a painting contractor who understands the importance of quality, then sit back and relax and let the professionals give your home a fresh coat of paint, inside and out!

Quality Jacksonville, FL House Painting
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