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How To Paint A Room Without Making A Big Mess

March 30, 2015 at 11:22 am | No comment | Category: Interior Painting Services

Carpenter applies silicone caulk on the wooden floor for sealing

You found the perfect paint color for your kitchen and are ready to get started on the transformation.Or perhaps you finally decided on the right sheen for the master bedroom, and can’t wait to begin. A painting projects always begins as a dream, but without adequate planning it can turn into a nightmare. Follow our tips to make the process go smoothly from start to finish.

Step 1: Make A Plan

Assess your space and make a plan for how you will paint each area. Does your room have high ceilings? Does it have any narrow peaks or sharp angles? Are there any hard-to-reach areas? Are there any areas that will require special equipment? Will you apply the paint with a brush, a roller, a paint sprayer, or all of the above? Make a “plan of attack” and create a list of supplies you’ll need. This way you won’t waste your time with endless trips the the hardware store, and can instead move seamlessly from one step of the project to the next.


Step 2: Collect Your Materials

First and foremost, you need to buy the right paint, in the right shade, with the right sheen, in the best quality you can find. Depending on the room you are painting, you may need multiple shades or sheens.

For any and all painting projects, you will also need to gather or buy these materials:

  • Good quality paint brushes

  • Painter’s tape (a higher quality and more adhesive masking tape)

  • Rollers, roller covers, and trays to fit each size of roller

  • Sanding blocks and sandpaper, or another type of sanding tool

  • Canvas or plastic dropcloths (enough to cover the floors and furniture in your project area)

Depending on the type of job you are planning, you may need to purchase or gather these additional materials:

  • Extensions

  • Ladders

  • Drywall putty and a drywall knife or knives

  • Caulk and a caulk gun


Step 3: Prepare The Area

You have made your plan, collected your tools and materials, and you are almost ready to paint! Take the time to protect your furniture and other items so that they will be spared all drywall dust, paint spatter, spills, and more. Even when you are careful and take your time, paint spatter and drips are inevitable!

  • Move your furniture away from the walls. Stack chairs, gather smaller pieces of furniture, and group everything in the center of the room. If possible, move furniture out of the room altogether.

  • Any oversized furniture that must stay in the room needs to be covered in dropcloths.

  • Remove all photos, artwork, and all other wall hangings. Take down your curtains and window treatments. Group all of these items and take them out of the room.

  • Remove all cover plates and place a piece of tape over each switch to protect it.

  • Cover your floors with dropcloths. Carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, etc. all need to be fully covered and protected. Removing bits of dried paint is tedious, and cleaning up wet paint spills is even worse, so take the time to cover every inch of flooring.

  • Tape off your windows with painter’s tape, and likewise tape off any light fixtures, sconces, built-in shelving, and other items that are fixed to the walls.

  • After you have sanded, be sure to wipe down all sanded areas. Paint will not adhere to dusty surfaces.


Even the smallest painting job requires an investment of materials, but perhaps more importantly, an investment of time. DIY painting projects can be fun, but more often than not they can get out of hand and cost you more money and personal time than you had planned. The best way to make sure a painting job gets done and done right is to trust it to the professionals.


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