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Should I Use A 2­-in-1 Paint Primer On My Home?

The Painting Craftsmen

Painting projects take a lot of work, and the idea of simplifying the process by using two materials in one is very tempting. This is where 2­-in­-1 paint and primer combination comes in. Nearly all paint manufacturers have come out with their versions of this combination, but to mixed reviews. So, how do you know if it’s right for you to use a paint primer combination on your own home?

Understanding Paint And Primer
To begin, it’s important to understand the difference between primer and paint. Primer is a specially­ formulated application meant to adhere to the substrate and create a smooth and uniform surface that is ready to be coated with paint. The substrate may be anything, including metal or raw wood, or a surface that has already been painted, whether the paint is fresh or beginning to peel. The substrate may also have issues with rust, mildew, or any number of other issues, and the primer may be formulated to alleviate any such problem. In short, the primer prepares the surface so that the paint will look and perform as well as possible.

Paint, of course, is the topcoat that you’ve selected in the perfect color for your home. The higher the quality of the paint, the richer its pigment, and the better it will look and perform. When the proper prep work has been done, and a good quality primer has been applied, a high quality paint will make the job complete, and will look great and last for a long time.

Paint and primer are unique, and they are formulated to do entirely different things. If you were to try to create your own paint and primer combination, you could not simply pour a can of primer and a can of paint into a bucket and begin applying the mixture with good results. Chemically, this is just not possible. Paint manufacturers, therefore, formulate their own 2­in­1 paint primer combinations, which usually consist of a thicker than usual coating, designed to cover the substrate in a single coat.

When should I use 2­-in-­1 paint primer?
● Similar paint types ­- If you are painting a surface that has already been painted, you can use a paint primer combination product and expect good results. There are several caveats to this situation. First, the existing paint must be in good shape. It can’t be chipped or peeling, and there certainly cannot be any issues such as rust or mildew present. Second, the existing paint must be the same type as your 2­-in-­1 product. For example, if the existing paint is latex­ based, and the paint primer combination is latex based, then the product should work. You cannot, however, coat oil ­based paint with a latex­ based product.

When should I use traditional primer and paint?
● Dissimilar paint types -­ If you are covering a previously painted surface, and will be using the opposite type of paint, you’ll need to use traditional paint and primer. Using the example above, if you are covering latex paint will oil­ based paint, only a high quality primer formulated for oil­ based paint, followed by oil­ based paint will do. Dissimilar paint may also refer to color. If your walls are white, but you’d like to paint them a deep shade of blue, only traditional primer and traditional paint ­ and perhaps several coats of each ­ will give you the results you want.

● Raw substrate ­- If you are painting bare metal, raw wood, concrete, or any other substrate that has never been painted, you will need to stick to the traditional painting process and avoid 2­-in-­1 combination products. Only a
true, high quality primer will prepare such a substrate to accept and hold paint.

● Substrate with surface issues -­ If your substrate suffers from mold, mildew, rust, or any other problem, a 2­-in­-1 paint primer will not be able to properly coat it. You’ll need to find a high quality primer that is specially formulated to protect against the issue. Then, after properly ridding the substrate of the buildup, apply your primer, using more than one coat, if necessary, followed by the topcoat.

● Cost matters -­ If you are painting your home on a budget, you will most likely want to avoid using combination products. Contrary to what we want to believe, investing in high quality primer, and especially in high quality paint will save money in the long run. With quality products, you will apply fewer coats, and they will provide a finish that lasts longer and performs better.

● Quality and appearance matter ­- The traditional method of prep work, high quality primer, and high quality topcoat will always provide the most beautiful results.

After all the steps that go into proper prep work, it does sound nice to simplify the subsequent steps by using a paint primer combination. However, for the best results, stick to the traditional process of painting ­ including all prep work, 1-­2 coats of high quality primer, and then 1­-2 coats of the highest quality paint. Beautiful and long lasting paint jobs not only require the right materials, but also the right process!

The Best Jacksonville FL House Painters
At The Painting Craftsmen, we believe that painting is a process and an art form. We believe that in order to give our clients the best possible paint job, we need to complete each step of prep work, primer application, and topcoat application, using the eye of an artist, and the steady hand of a skilled technician with years of experience. We pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality coatings and products, and using the best equipment in the industry to paint your home. We specialize in providing durable coatings, in a high quality luxury finish that your neighbors will envy.

Homes throughout Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Sawgrass, Ortega, Mandarin, and beyond are looking beautiful, thanks to our award­ winning teams of expert painters. Let us do the same for your home!

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Preparing Metal Surfaces For Painting

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Metal surfaces are a common part of many interior and exterior painting projects. Outdoor metal fixtures, aluminum gutters, copper pipes, galvanized steel siding, wroughtprepare metal for painting iron gates, window frames, boilers, and more, are all commonly found in households, and all require a fresh coat of paint from time to time. When you need to paint metal, adequate surface preparation will make all the difference in the quality of your paint job and in how long it lasts. In fact, without the proper preparation, even the highest quality paints and custom metal coatings will not last, and your hard work will be in vain. Our checklist will help make sure your painting project is successful, with long lasting results!

Step 1: Clean the surface.

Every type of surface should be cleaned before being painted, and metal surfaces are no exception. In exterior painting projects, metal surfaces are exposed to the elements, and likely in need of a thorough cleaning. It’s often best and most efficient to pressure wash these surfaces, giving special attention to areas of mildew, mold, or excessive grime buildup. Indoor metal surfaces may also require attention, but in many cases, can just be wiped clean with a cloth, or damp rag. If there is grime buildup, grease, or oils present, make a mixture of warm water and mild dish detergent and lightly scrub the affected area.

Step 2: Sand and scrape the surface.

Sanding and scraping the metal surface will make it smooth, uniform, and easier to paint. Any buildup or residue that was not removed during cleaning should be sanded away. Rust, likewise, needs to be sanded off of the surface. Begin by lightly sanding, and work your way to more intense measures. Scraping will remove excessive residue and rust, as well as any loose or peeling paint from the previous paint job. Avoid using power tools for this stage, since they can actually polish the surface, leading to problems with adhesion when it comes time to paint. If you must use a power tool to sand or scrape, be prepared to give the area an extra coat or two of primer before painting.

Step 3: Make repairs to the surface.

Small holes, dents, and gashes can all befall your metal surface. You’ll likely discover these damages during cleaning, sanding, or scraping. Most dents can be filled using an epoxy-based composite or epoxy filler. Larger holes and gashes will require heavier duty epoxy filler, possibly along with a mesh liner. After applying any epoxy or filler, sand the edges of the repair after they have dried so that the subsequent coatings will be smooth.

Step 4: Prime the surface.

The last step before applying paint is to apply the proper primer to the metal. Consider the substrate itself, and how you want the final topcoat to look and feel. Also consider the environment your metal surface is in, and what elements it may be exposed to. All bare metal will need to be primed with at least one coat, and the better you can specify the type of primer you need, the better results you’ll have in a finished product.
For example:

  • If your surface will be exposed to moisture, avoid using latex or water-based primers. Moisture will easily soak through these primers and your paint job will need to be redone within a matter of weeks or months.
  • If your surface is susceptible to rust, use a rust-inhibitive primer or rust converter or rust reformer.
  • Even if you have not had issues with rust, if your surface is made of ferrous metal (metal that contains iron), we still recommend using rust-inhibitive primers or rust converters for metal surfaces that are exposed to the elements, as a way to safeguard against rust.
  • For non-ferrous metals, and for surfaces that are not exposed to the elements, we recommend a galvanized metal primer, which will enable the paint coatings to better adhere to metal surfaces.

The Painting Craftsman Way

Metal surfaces can be tricky to paint, even when you take the necessary precautions and do the right prep work. If you’d rather not embark on a DIY project like this, find a good professional painting service and let a specialized team take care of your painting project! There are many good house painting companies in Jacksonville, but The Painting Craftsmen is the company to choose for the luxury coatings and paint job your home deserves. Our exterior and interior house painting teams specialize in preparing your metal surface for painting, and then applying smooth and even top coats, giving all surfaces the look and feel of true craftsmanship.

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Vote For The Painting Craftsmen In Jacksonville’s 2015 “Bold City Best”!

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BoldCityBestThe Florida Times-Union has officially launched its “Bold City Best” 2015 contest!  The “Bold City Best” lets Jacksonville residents vote on their favorite restaurants, shopping spots, doctors, law firms, and more.  Best of all, there is a “Home & Professional Services” category, where you can vote for the best painting contractors in town – The Painting Craftsmen!


How Do I Vote?

Voting is easy!  Registration is simple, and you can vote for as few or as many categories as you want.  First, follow this link:  That will open the ballot right to the “Home & Professional Services” category.  Click on “Best Painting Service,” and select The Painting Craftsmen, then click the red VOTE button and you’re done.  If you vote without registering first, you’ll be prompted on how to register, and then you’ll need to submit your vote after registering.

If you’ve ever used our sister company, First Coast Home Pros, then you know what a clean house looks like.  While you’re on the “Home & Professional Services” page, vote for them in the “Best Carpet Cleaning Company” category!

Vote as early as today, or anytime through August 16.  The “Bold City Best” winners will be announced on September 27 via and the Florida Times-Union.


The Painting Craftsmen – The Best Painting Company In Jacksonville, FL

The Painting Craftsmen is known for our commitment to high quality work as well as complete customer satisfaction.  Our painters are highly skilled with years of experience, and specialize in interior and exterior painting alike.  We use the best paint and material possible, and our level of work is unparalleled in Northeast Florida.  Homeowners throughout downtown Jacksonville and the surrounding suburbs and beaches all trust The Painting Craftsmen with painting projects large and small.  When it comes to painting, we are the “Bold City Best”!

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