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Pro Tips For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

September 21, 2016 at 3:17 pm | No comment | Category: Blog

painting kitchen cabinets
When your kitchen is in need of a facelift, the best thing you can do is to refinish the cabinets. Refinishing cabinets is the smart and cost-effective alternative to replacing them. When a change of this magnitude is in order, most homeowners choose to paint their cabinets. Here are our pro tips for making your cabinet painting project a success:

  • Set aside time. First and foremost, make sure you allot enough time for your project. Cabinet refinishing and painting is a huge job, and for most homeowners, it is not a simple weekend project. You’ll need to set up, prep, paint several coatings (letting each coating dry), and clean up, all of which takes time and work.
  • Make a plan. There’s a lot to do before you open the lid on your first can of paint. The first thing to do is make a plan for your project. For example, make a system for remembering which drawer pulls and knobs go to which drawers and cabinets faces, and for remembering the positioning of the cabinet faces themselves.
  • Set up a workspace. In the kitchen itself, clear out as much stuff as you can. All dishes and silverware will need to be removed. You’ll also want to remove any freestanding appliances, or anything else that can give you more room to work. Out in the garage, set up a work table (or two).
  • Remove hardware. Remove all knobs, pulls, etc., as well as their hinges. Put all hardware together and out of the way.
    Make the surface as smooth as possible. Before applying any coating, you want to make the cabinet faces – and anything else that is to be painted – as smooth as possible. This means filling any dents and gashes with a good wood filler or spackle and giving all surfaces a good cleaning. Use an abrasive sponge to scrub away greasy fingerprints, cooking oil, and food spills. The cleaner and smoother the surface is, the better the coatings will adhere!
  • Apply the proper coatings. You’ll want to start with a stain-blocking primer. Let the primer dry and lightly sand it after it dries. Follow with a coat of your paint of choice. If you select high quality paint, you’ll likely be able to cover the cabinet faces and boxes with only a couple of coats. If you opt for the inexpensive paint, you’ll probably need to do several more coats.
  • Use the right tools for the job. Instead of paint brushes, use rollers. Specifically, use the Whizz roller covers for application.
  • Give yourself plenty of ventilation. When working in the garage or outside at your worktable, this should be no problem. When working in the kitchen itself, however, be sure to have windows open, and keep children and pets in another end of the house.
  • Have fun! DIY projects should be fun, and cabinet painting is no exception. However, if the job turns out to be too much, call on the best professional painting service in your area and let the professional painting contractors take care of your project for you.

Think carefully before painting your kitchen cabinets. This is a huge undertaking, even for highly experienced DIY aficionados. Cabinet refinishing is one of those home improvement tasks that is really best left to a great professional painting company. Save yourself the sweat, hassle, and mess, and just call the pros!

If you live in Northeast Florida, The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting service and the company to trust with your cabinet refinishing project. Cabinet refinishing is our passion, and we only hire experienced and highly skilled craftsmen for our team. Our craftsmen can create the factory finish of your choice and transform your kitchen into something you’ve only dreamed about! Homes throughout Ortega, Avondale, San Marco, Ponte Vedra Beach, and downtown Jacksonville FL know that for the best painting job, the only painting contractor to call is The Painting Craftsmen. Call today and let us get started on your project!

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