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How to Paint Your Ceiling

May 1, 2021 at 10:13 am | No comment | Category: Blog, Interior Painting Services

Ceilings are supposed to blend into the background and they can be all but forgotten until a water stain appears, or an area becomes discolored, or you have to make a repair.  When that time comes, how do you paint your ceiling the right way?  Our tips can help you plan your ceiling painting DIY project!

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need dropcloths, painter’s plastic, painter’s tape, rollers and roller covers, an extension pole, roller tray, and brushes.  You’ll also need a step ladder.  Of course you’ll also need to have your paint and primer on hand.  We recommend high quality interior latex primer and paint.  The paint should be flat or matte finish, and though white or very light neutral colors are generally recommended, there is still room to get creative in your color choice.
  2. Cover and protect. Before you open the first can of primer, take the time to cover and protect the room. Move out any furniture you can and cover remaining furniture with painter’s plastic.  The more you clear out the room, the easier it will be for you to move around inside the room and set up your ladder and work unencumbered, and the less you’ll have to cleanup later.  Arrange canvas dropcloths over the floor and push the edge of the dropcloth all the way up to the wall trim.  Remove as much from the ceiling itself as possible.  For example, remove light coverings so that just the bulb is exposed, and remove vent covers.  You can cover fan blades to make cleanup easier after the project is finished.
  3. Set up. Set up your ladder and be sure that between your ladder and the extension pole, you can safely reach all areas of the ceiling.  If there are areas you can’t reach, you’ll need to borrow or invest in a taller ladder, or hire a great local painting company to do the work – they’ll have all tools, ladders, and materials to do the job right!
  4. Tape walls and features. (Note: If you’ll be painting the rest of the room, you can skip this step, since you’ll paint the walls when you’re done painting the ceiling.)  Use long strips of painter’s tape to mask off the wall where it meets the ceiling.  Press the tape firmly into place so that no ceiling paint seeps underneath the paint and onto the walls.  If you have exposed beams or other features on your ceiling, you’ll need to tape off these areas as well.
  5. Apply primer. Don’t rush or skimp on the primer step!  The right high-quality primer will fill in dents and gaps, form a barrier against stains, and create a smooth surface for the paint to go over.  One coat of primer may be adequate, but let it fully dry and then assess the coverage; a second coat may very well be needed.
  6. Apply the topcoat(s). If you chose a good primer and applied it well, you will likely only need to apply a single topcoat of ceiling paint.  Just like you did during the primer step, though, let the first coat fully dry and then assess it for coverage.
  7. Put everything back. When you’re happy with your painted ceiling, put the room back in order.  Remove the tape, reinstall light fixtures or vent covers, roll up and either discard or launder dropcloths, and arrange your furniture back as you like it.  Then, sit back, look up, and admire your work!

Like any painting project, ceiling painting can be a breeze, or it can become a hassle, depending on how much time you have, how much patience you have, and what type of planning goes into your DIY project.  Skip the hassle altogether by calling on the best professional painting company in your area and letting the pros take care of the entire project!

There are many great painting contractors in town, but The Painting Craftsmen is the best painting company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their Mandarin, Atlantic Beach, San Marco, and Nocatee homes.  We love what we do, and we take great pride in transforming your home into a place you truly love.  When the time comes to paint your ceiling, or take care of other interior painting, exterior painting, or cabinet refinishing, trust the job to us!

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